UV Nightlights, Touchless flush, and musical toilets, oh my!

Our last J & R Herra post about the innovations of plumbing’s past got me thinking about all of the incredible inventions and novelties that have graced plumbing’s present. Upon a recent conversation with our Kohler sales representative, we began discussing the topic of modernized toilets. Truthfully, the sky is the limit when it comes to the toilets and accessories you want for your home. Trust me, you will certainly impress your neighbors at your next dinner party with these INCREDIBLE bathroom features and fixtures. The best part is that some of these pieces are merely add-ons that you can affix to your existing, Kohler-compatible, elongated toilet.

NightLight Toliet

Are you tired of wasting one of the few bathroom outlets with a nightlight? Well, hassle no longer. Kohler has recently released an automatically set Nightlight Toilet Seat. Two unique LED bulbs (run on four “AA” batteries) will guide you with ease as you safely maneuver your bathroom in the wee hours of the night. What’s better yet is the optimal light intensity shining from these lights. Your weary eyes will not be stunned by the light emitted from this unit. We would suggest this feature to families with children, senior citizens, and anyone who utilizes the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Bathrooms equipped with bidets used to be reserved for the elite or washrooms overseas. That is no longer the case with Kohler’s new line of Bidet Toilet Seats. These bathroom add-ons offer a new kind of clean with everything from touch screen remote controls to in-line seat and water tank heaters. These “smart” seats are programmable to all of your temperature and water pressure preferences. Last but not least, these seats are equipped with a special UV light for your cleaning convenience by automatically sanitizing itself.

I am sure we have all been in public restrooms outfitted with the touch-less functionality of their toilets, faucets, and soap dispensers. These same features are now gracing people’s private facilities. Kohler not only provides several options for Touchless Flush Toilets, but they also offer a kit, for only $65.00, to upgrade your current toilet to a no-touch flush fixture. This retrofit is able to transform anyone’s bathroom into a cleaner and more germ free environment.

If you have never visited the Kohler website, I would encourage you to dabble some time when you have a free moment. The technologies unveiled by this company never cease to amaze. I could spend hours blogging about the best and brightest toilet technologies of 2015. On that note, I will leave you with truly the most advanced toilet to grace bathrooms since the invention of pluming. Kohler has unveiled the Numi, a toilet unmatched by many. The sleek and unique design of this toilet is not its only extraordinary feature. Every square inch of this piece was designed to impress and improve upon standard bathroom functionality. These units are equipped with touch-screen remotes (with multiple user presets) to control all of its vast components. To name a few, this bathroom feature includes a motion activated cover/seat, bidet capabilities, an integrated air dryer, a heated seat, a foot warmer, illuminated panels, and it’s able to play music through built in speakers.

I’m sure even the Roman engineers of the ancient past would be amazed and mystified by these incredible technological advances. One question remains; how long will it be before you start seeing these features in your home? Only time will tell.

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