Brass is Back, Alright!

I thought I would spoof a timeless favorite by the Backstreet Boys for today’s blog entry.  There’s nothing like memory lane to put a smile on your face.  I’m sure you are just as amused as I am when vintage components of our nostalgic past reemerge into the trend scene.  We have all seen fashion crazes circle back into style, but the truth is hairstyles, music and clothing choices are not the only arenas to see such trend cycles.  In fact, the kitchen and bath industry spend a lot of time and money analyzing the design choices of our home’s interior décor.

In addition to the growing emergence of Smart Homes, where customers can utilize the technology to automate their space, 2015 saw a surge in the use of gold/brass fixtures and decorating accents throughout the home.  This trend continues to gain in popularity, as this year’s immerging sales figures continue to confirm the brass preference.


Now, I must be clear on this important point.  Trimming a home in gold/brass looks much different than it did decades ago.  If you still have a home predominantly adorned in brass/gold fixtures and hardware, you still might consider scaling that look back a bit and replacing those pieces to a more visually neutral choice.  We would recommend brushed nickel, stainless, or chrome choices to accomplish this timeless presence.

A little research online and you’ll soon discover brass/gold elements in the home are growing in popularity.  Countless blog posts and Pinterest “boards” have been devoted to the ever popular fad of including the accents of this warm metal in your home.  The sporadic incorporation of brass is meant to be a mere decorative statement offering warmth to any space.  Replacing the occasional light fixture, furniture/cabinet hardware, or maybe a faucet in your powder room would be a fashionable update to your space.  The occasional accent of color offered by these brass elements will add an element of visual interest that is not only unique, but also a classy upgrade that is highly in vogue.

J & R Herra specializes in the continual training and understanding of new product features as well as these growing design trends.  We have an active and present knowledge-base of thousands of fixture lines, costs, and model options from Kohler, Moen, Delta, Gerber, American Standard, Water Works, and more.  Whether you want to install timeless finishes or incorporate an accent piece, we’d be more than happy to consult with you to enhance the design elements of your home or office’s interior.

Let us help you revisit memory lane by welcoming a signature plumbing fixture into your home or reimagining one of your current pieces with some timeless classics.

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