Top Ten Tricks for Cleaner Air

Parenthood isn’t easy.  If only there was a manual to guide us through the stressors and scares of raising a family. Life’s curve balls always have a tendency to surprise us and throw us into a new reality that never before existed.  Last spring, Brian and I encountered one of these curve balls when our preschooler had a chronic cough for over a month.  After numerous trips to the doctor and countless sleepless nights, we discovered that our son was highly allergic to our household environment.   The seemingly harmless air that he was breathing in was posing as a direct threat to his health.  This was quite a shock to us, as our house has very little carpeting, is professionally cleaned every week, and his bedding was already being washed on a regular basis.


We are officially among the many families battling for clean air.  And, it’s not just because we want to; it’s because we HAVE to.  Like many moms out there, I was desperate for a solution to the indoor air pollution happening right under my nose. Luckily, I happen to be married to a person who has a vast knowledge base regarding clean air filtration systems, and we own a company that has helped countless families and businesses restore and improve their indoor air quality.    My “mom research” teamed nicely with J&R Herra’s professional understanding, and we were able to get a handle on rectifying our situation.  I would love to share my findings, as well as our services, with you on this topic.  Therefore, I compiled a “top ten” list of guidelines to minimize the unwanted allergens plaguing your home.   Trust me, together we can work to implement these simple remedies and offer much needed comfort to all who are suffering from those persistent and unbearable respiratory conditions.

  1. Remove the following from your home: tobacco smoke, fires, candles, air fresheners, scented cleaning supplies, and pets (at least from the bedrooms).
  2. Keep dust mites at bay by establishing your home’s humidity level and keeping it controlled. One of our technicians can help you with this.  Just mention this when you call.
  3. In addition to dusting regularly (with a damp cloth), make sure your vacuum is equipped with a HEPA filter. These filters satisfy standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy and remove 99.97% of the negative pollutants and particles that pass through their fibers.  These filters and vacuums will be clearly labeled, as it’s a feature to be celebrated.
  4. If possible, remove the carpet and extra, un-needed fabric from your bedrooms including the following: heavy curtains, rugs, stuffed animals, and upholstered furniture. These elements harbor excess dust and dust mite populations.
  5. In addition to regularly washing your bedding in hot water and drying it on the highest heat setting, all feather bedding components (i.e. down) should be avoided completely. In fact, try to purchase bedding that is manmade because it’s usually easiest to launder.
  6. Where some plants can offer clean air to your home, other plants (the ones that have moist soil) often contain mold within their dirt. Be aware of the plants you have growing indoors.
  7. Check your shower curtains, bathrooms, and the damp under-sink areas for mold/mildew. Shower curtains should be replaced/ washed on a regular basis, and those other areas should remain dry to prohibit mold growth. If and when mold/mildew appears in your home, mix 1 part bleach with 10 parts water to eradicate it from the contaminated area.
  8. Try to keep your windows closed. Pollen counts are highest in the early morning.  So if you MUST open your windows, don’t do it in the morning.
  9. Call us to ensure your furnace, HEPA filters, ventilation system and ducts are properly maintained. Regular service and cleaning is a proactive measure we’d love to help with.
  10. Install an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) onto your existing furnace. These systems will dramatically improve the breathing environment in your home.  The innovative technologies affiliated with ERVs are impressive and diverse.  The professionals at J&R Herra can offer you many options when it comes to your individual air purification needs.

The advances surrounding these systems are constantly evolving. They provide the very safest environment along with a level of convenience to monitor the status of the air around you, your family, or your coworkers. Thermostats are now equipped to communicate with your mobile device, alerting you about air quality.

Our experienced team can customize an air purification system that keeps your home or office safe, healthy, and comfortable.

These are the very same ventilation options we have implemented in our own home that we trust with the health and safety of our children.  We share your concern, and would be honored to restore your home to the safe-haven and sanctuary that it should be, FREE of airborne hazards that are beyond your control.

Call us for a free clean air estimate to suit your needs and bring you much needed peace of mind.

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