Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Air Purifier, & Filter Systems


More and more people are promoting the health of their families and coworkers by keeping the air that circulates throughout their building clean of bacteria, mold, and dust. Many times, the air inside a building is dirtier that the air outside. The professionals at J&R Herra offer customers many options when it comes to your individual air purification needs.

The technologies surrounding these systems are constantly evolving. They provide the very safest environment along with a level of convenience to monitor the status of the air around you, your family, or your coworkers. Thermostats are now equipped to communicate with your mobile device, alerting you about air quality.

Your home should be your safe-haven and sanctuary. Let us eliminate airborne hazards that are beyond your control. Our experienced team can customize an air purification system that keeps your home or office safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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  • Humidification / Dehumidification Solutions
  • Air filter installation
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Heat recovery ventilators
  • Ultraviolet air sanitizers
  • Thermostats