The Most Common Home Plumbing Issues


Life is great when all of the systems in your home are working correctly, but every now and then, a plumbing problem comes up; here are a few of the most common, along with some tips and tricks to keep your toilets and sinks working great. 

Number one on the list is a clogged toilet; we have all been there. You use a little bit too much toilet paper; maybe the kids let their toys take a dip in the bowl; someone tries to flush a wipe designed to be disposed of in the trash. Clogged toilets happen very frequently, and most can be fixed with a little bit of elbow grease and a good plunger. When plunging your toilet doesn’t fix the clog, you can try a chemical additive to clear the clog. While these chemicals make the job quick and easy, they are made from toxic substances and can cause premature wear and tear on your sewer pipes. The next method would require a drain snake, and it is usually best to contact a trusted professional plumber to clear the stopped up toilet. These tools are very powerful and can cause additional damage if not used properly. For a more permanent solution, you could try sewer rodding or hydro jetting, which is similar to using a pressure washer to eliminate tough clogs and clean your home’s entire sewer system.

The next common plumbing problem comes from the water heater. While many people mistakenly refer to them as “hot water heaters,” they are notorious for failing when you need them most. 

Whether you have a tankless system or a conventional one with a large tank, there are few user-serviceable parts, so contacting a professional plumber at the first sign of trouble is best practice. Some signs are that water takes too long to get hot, a noise when the system turns on, water leaking out, or there just is no hot water.
The best way to avoid expensive water heater replacement is with routine maintenance, just like your HVAC system. Periodic water heater inspections and flushing the hot water tank can help your system last longer and help to identify any issues before they become an emergency.

Last, leaks are another common problem. No preventative maintenance will help with leaks, but you can take a look around your home for any abnormal humidity or any drips around your kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. Leaks are more common in the frequently used plumbing fixtures like sink faucets, shower heads, and toilets. Faucets have many seals and gaskets that get worn over time and cause dripping water into the sink and on the countertop. Shower fixtures leak from hard water clogging the shower valve or from pipe failure when a heavy object gets hung from an exposed bathroom water pipe. Since a plumbing water leak can cause damage to your floors, drywall, and ceilings, it is best to hire a professional to address any issues as soon as possible.  

As a family business, we understand the plumbing needs of an active household, and we appreciate how important it is to keep your home running smoothly.

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