Flooded Basement Worries? NO MORE!

• What if my kids get lice?
• What if my dog gets sprayed by a skunk?
• What if I find a foot of sitting water in my basement?

We all have a “what if” list. You might call it something different, but I’m sure you know what I am referencing. It’s the list of cataclysmic household disasters that will put you over the edge, send your blood pressure through the roof, and force you into a state of thundering frustration. The three “what ifs” mentioned above, are the top three household disasters on my list. They give me a sense of helpless anxiety and suggest countless hours/ days of work and restoration.
You cannot imagine my excitement, when I discovered that my list has gone from three fears to two! My worry of water in the basement has been put to rest with the cutting edge technologies unveiled by Honeywell’s Water Defense sensors and alarms. Like anything else on the market, the units and features range from relatively basic and user-friendly to technical and multifaceted. The experts at J & R Herra are well versed in all of these Honeywell products, and our team would be more than happy to explain these sensors to find the water alarm that is just right for you needs.

Despite the array of water alarms on the market, there are some features that remain constant among the lot. According to our dealers and manufacturers at Honeywell, “Just place the water sensing cable around water heaters, sump pumps, toilets, dishwashers—wherever a leak is possible.” Each sensor is equipped with a four foot detection cable, which can actually be expanded up to 240 feet for a potential room perimeter surround. The entire length of the cable is capable of detecting water, causing an 80 decibel alarm to sound and alert you of a potential problem. The alarms can be mounted near the sensor or in another room to guarantee your ability to hear the alert.
Where these units do not prevent leaks, they do prevent the destructive and expensive water damage that often follows. Take it from our countless relieved customers, these Water Defense sensors and alarms are a worthy investment. Allow us to gift you a small piece of proactive sanity as a responsible (and far less anxious) homeowner.


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