Radiant Heat: The Unsung Hero

Whether today or fifty years ago, we cannot help but empathize with the child who is always picked last. That child, the one who is so easily forgotten or ignored, grips at our heart strings. We are forced to over analyze and ponder the myriad of ways we should celebrate his/her attributes in the face of current impressions. In fact, we would move mountains to sing their praises, champion their character, and introduce their essential need to the greater good.

Believe it or not, we feel similarly impassioned about one of our favorite heating technologies. Despite its truly incredible list of attributes, Radiant Heat Solutions continue to be overlooked in the contracting world. Even legendary Bob Villa has not been able to popularize this heating technique despite his belief that “Radiant floor heating is arguably the ideal home heating system. It’s comfortable, efficient, unobtrusive, quiet, and does not blow dust and allergens around the way forced hot-air systems do.” (http://www.bobvila.com/articles/2161-radiant-floor-heating-101/).

Sadly, radiant heat has been up against some pretty tough and unfair barriers. First, it has been pigeon-holed as a luxurious and complex heating feature. Second, realtors often forget to broadcast the wealth and/or value it can offer homeowners and their respective property. Third, thanks to the record low oil prices, people are less enthused to invest in energy-saving options. Lastly, many builders steer homeowners away from (or don’t even offer) radiant heating solutions due to the moderate price increase and the unfamiliar territory that typically accompany it.

Clearly, it is time that we alter the way we think about this game-changing technology. These fears and misunderstandings have interfered progress in the heating world for far too long. When the energy prices increase in this country, like they have around the globe, radiant heat technology will finally get the recognition and “play time” it deserves.



In the meantime, J & R Herra, Inc. would like to clarify some points to make Radiant Heat more commonplace and accessible.  As experienced and trustworthy radiant heat installers, we have seen first-hand what an asset this component can offer to a property.  From homes to horse barns, our technicians have installed and serviced these units for over forty years.  We can agree that the initial investment may be a fraction more than the traditional forced-air furnace.  Yet, the rewards of Radiant Heat technology are immediate.

J & R Herra, Inc. continues to be a leader in the radiant industry in the greater Chicagoland area.  As experienced and trustworthy contractors, we would be honored to offer our expertise in the planning, installation, and service of your future radiant system.  We can help you visualize this heating technique, its benefits for your space, and a cost analysis to best understand why Radiant Heat makes the most sense for your home/business.  Whether we lay tubing to heat your home, business, or snowmelt your driveway/parking lot, J & R Herra Inc. is committed to your family’s safety, health, and comfort.

Call us today for any further information on radiant heat technology or for a free estimate!

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